Things to Keep in Mind When Earning Money through Blogging

Money through Blogging

Ever been to blogging?

If you have, then you must know that it takes a lot of hardwork to get a blog its first thousand visitors. Out of them, many would be casual visitors with no intention to visit your blog again. It’s your style of writing, through which you’d have to persuade them, so they keep coming back.

There’s no dearth of wannabe bloggers, who dream of receiving the best blogger award right after publishing five or ten blog posts and get millions of active readers overnight. If you are one of them, then STOP READING THIS ARTICLE NOW!

But if you are a sane person, who knows the difference between reality and fairytale, then continue reading, because in this article, we’re going to discuss how blogging can help you increase the size of your cash register.

To begin with, here’s the bottom-line;

You can earn more than you can imagine through blogging.

The question is how. Okay, one surefire way to earn money through blogging is by

Standing alone in the crowd

That’s right! You need to stand out in the crowd. This is compulsory because if you don’t, then readers are not going to recognize you in the first place. Remember, readers don’t have a ‘sold out’ or a ‘booked’ tag on them, which means they are always available and always willing to know what new you could dish out to them.

Take that as the lead and start working right from there. Ask yourself if your blog has anything new to it that other blogs in your niche lack. If it does have something new, then you are the champ, but you are nothing but a chimp if it doesn’t.

In other words, readers need a reason to visit your blog, if you are covering the same old, run-of-the-mill type topics, then there’s nothing worthwhile for them, and so, they are better off not visiting your blog. So by being one of the crowds, you are unknowingly giving this message to your readers that they should stay away from your blog. Fewer readers means less engagement and lesser chances of earning money.

Don’t beat around the bush

Okay, forget blogging and dig into statistics. On an average, a person spends less than a minute on a blog page. He just reads a few lines in the beginning and then subconsciously scrolls down, which means you have to strike a user on his psyche from the very first line, so he never leaves your site. That’s possible only when you stop beating around the bush and go immediately to the core issues without any ado. Being indirect doesn’t help if making money through blogging is on your mind. You need to build credibility among readers and that’s possible when you cater to them what they want without keeping them waiting for it.

Interact with readers

This is a surefire way to show your blog the road to success. Don’t ever make the mistake of taking readers for granted, they are the game changer for you. If tomorrow, they stop visiting your blog, then you’d be left with pretty much nothing. So start valuing your readers from today if you are not doing it already. But wait a minute, what does valuing your readers mean in the first place? Well it means interacting with them.       The success of blogging depends as much as on quality content, smooth navigation and wining design as much on non-stop interaction with the readers.

Throw the giveaways at them

Interaction and steady communication are all okay, but unless you offer your readers some giveaways, they are not going to stick to your blog. When the context is making money online, the giveaways are sharing your secrets of money-making with your readers. That’s right! You cannot keep moving them in circles and still expect them to stay loyal to your site.

But what if these are hard-earned tricks and you don’t want to trade them? You don’t have to, just show your readers the tip of the iceberg and encourage them to take a dive into the sea and explore the bottom. The truth is every person has his two cents to add, even your readers know that and ready to put the hard work that is needed to become successful in this competitive domain. But they only expect some useful tips to start with and that you can offer them.

Tell them what not-to-do

Bloggers often make a mistake. They educate readers about things that they should do but forget to tell them everything that they should never do. But as you want to stand different from the crowd, you need to cover that as well. So tell your readers what are the things that they should stay away from.

You’ll surely want to portray yourself as a responsible blogger, for whom each of his readers is important. Responsibility, in this context, means shrugging off the being-politically-correct approach and calling a spade a spade. So if you think something might harm a blog’s reputation, then tell that to your readers so they could know and never dare to try that.

Measure your success

You must have gotten it by now that there’s no shortcut in blogging, which means your success depends entirely on the effort that you are putting on the table. There’s absolutely no point in blogging if you are not sure whether you are heading on the right track.

But how would you know that?

You need to quantify your success. For that, you need to tally the effort that you are putting and the results that you are getting. If the gap between these two is shrinking, then that’s a good indicator that your efforts are not going to waste. There are ways to measure your success. Follow those ways and along with that, find new ways that are more personalized and can be used to measure exclusively the success of your blog and not anyone else’s.

There are plenty other tips that could help you make a few thousand bucks through blogging. But the ones we discussed here are for amateur bloggers, which assumingly, all of you, reading this article are. So follow those tips and blog better.

If you want to add something into the mix, then you are more than welcome. We’d like to know what you think, whether you have any particular trick in mind, which you believe can fetch money. Tell us in the comments.

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