Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rate for your Ads

Click-Through Rate for your Ads

These days the digital marketing is more inclined to paid media. People refer to use the paid platforms to reach more people effectively and quickly. So optimization of your advertisement copies is absolutely necessary to make it stay apart from crowd and outperform you competition. At the same time it raises your click-through rates (CTRs) and Quality Score. However, the optimization process is purely a trial and error process and takes time to show the results.

What is click-through rate?

The click-through rate is the number of times a click is made on the advertisement divided by the total impressions (the number of times an advertisement was served):

The click-through rate of an online advertisement is represented in percentage and can be defined as the number of clicks received by the number impressions of the ad multiplied by 100

Click-through rate = (Number of Click/ Number of Impressions) * 100

For example, if an ad is displayed 100 times and receives 2 clicks, then the click-through rate for the advertisement would be 2%.

CTR=(5/1000)*100= 0.5%

Based upon different factors, a good CTR is 3%.  But there are chances you can achieve it more. A 3% CTR is good score, but continually improving the metrics of Adrank, you can reach even a better threshold.

Let me help you here cut to the chase. Below are my findings that can help you quickly boost your CTRs for better ROI. But keep in mind this may not fit to every advertiser.

Tips to increase your CTR. Here it goes…

Display URL: Always use WWW in your domain, which works as a physiological factor. In the recent research, it has been seen the non-www version of the urls get 16% less clicks than its counterpart.  You find more details on landing page optimization here.

Special Symbols: Better utilization of the words is important due to the limitation on the number of characters to be used in a paid search advertise. Not every symbol works but ampersand (&) certainly works best. I have see 20% improvement in CTR for the ads with & in place of AND.

Call to Action: Always split test your call-to-action when writing new ads. All call to action words do not work well. There is nothing free in this world. But the ads with word “FREE” perform 10% better than the ads without the term.

Special Words: The researches show that the ads using the work OFFICIAL have a 50% higher CTR. You can check Tiffany & Co. and Apple ads for example

USES Trademark Symbols: Trademark symbols (™, ©, ®) have a dramatic impact on the paid search ad, improving click-through rates by nearly 90 percent in many cases.

Thanks for your time here. You have any unique advice please share in comment.

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