Tips to Optimize Your Landing Page

Optimize Your Landing Page

Are you searching for tricks to optimize your landing page? If so, then you are at the right place to find the solution for better conversion from your digital marketing campaign.

In this article you will find the best hacks that will sky-rocket your conversion rate. Let’s start…… J

Landing Page Optimization

Be it your paid campaign or the pages that rank for your keywords in organic search, every webmaster knows the importance of a well optimized landing page. The internet is full of tips and tricks on how to create an engaging landing page. You can find more, what Google says about understanding landing page experience.

While Google is more concerned about Relevant, useful and original content, Transparency, trustworthiness and Ease of navigation, but there is lot more things you need to address in the landing page to engage your visitors to take the required action.

No matter how well presented and informative your landing page is, there are certain important measures that need to be taken care of, which will help you availing a better edge for your landing page over your competitor.

Here is a list of 5 important features; you need to check for a landing page that really converts.

Trust – the credibility of your BRAND

Let’s look at a real life example. Will you buy a product form someone whom you don’t know and heard about? You’ll never take the risk to buying something from a barely credible resource that is only having an online existence. That includes me too. We always search for the trustworthiness.

So the bottom line is, none of your visitors will fill out the form or put his personal information (credit card details, phone number, and address) to sign up if they don’t trust you. Trust is a very fragile thing and when it comes to online interaction; visitors will have very little trust to spare.

So, your landing page must have elements that can lessen their anxiety and doubts and convince them.

  • Relevant trust icons, like certificates form Better Business Bureau, Antivirus badges, Licenses/Permits form government organizations, anti spam elements or media connection.
  • Testimonials/Reference form real people/customers
  • A clear privacy policies describing all you do with your customers
  • Relevant guarantees/replacement etc.
  • Others include social share/download count/review form third party sites

The Message/Propose – The Most Important Part of Landing Page

There would be hardly any second thought that the message/offer in the landing page plays a vital role in the conversion. Yes, this is very second point I would like to write about.

Your visitors may get impressed by the wonderful layouts, but the non-availability of a well described and well presented offer will make them to think for other options.

For scoring better at landing page optimization, you need to consider the below things:

  • Your offer should be clearly explained
  • Targeted at the right audience
  • The offer needs to have an optimum visual impact

Your visitors will be looking for benefits that they will be getting and your offer should be targeted at that need. Let the offer speak about the benefits the visitors will be getting after taking an action.  For example, what will they get by signing up for an eBook or free consultation or video series?

Visual Hierarchy – Page Layout should direct Visitors to take action

Visualization works better than anything else when it comes to making your visitors convert. A well optimized landing page will help visitors see the benefits you are offering in a better way. In other words, the landing page visuals should make things easier for the visitors by pointing them at the right direction – your call to action button.

  • Compelling images to aid in conversions
  • Using location, coloration, and visual cues to make the content and most importantly the call-to-action button more prominent.

Forms – What Benefits the Visitors Will Get By Filling It Up

 Most of the visitors will not have time for lengthy or complicated forms – unless they are really interesting. A landing page form should be appealing enough to make the visitors want to fill them up. Don’t create form just for the heck of it. Just like the offer, your form needs to be correlated with the benefits.

  • Strong call-of-action
  • Match the number of field to the benefits
  • A compelling headline
  • Easy scrolling and returning to the form.

A well optimized landing page form will help your business grow by helping you gather information about the visitors.

Speed – Make it as fast as possible

It is important that your landing page has less loading time or else you will be losing your valuable conversions. If it takes too much time to load the webpage when someone clicks on your link, there are chances that he/she will move away from your page. At the same time this will signal Google that the user experience with your landing page is poor hence you may even get drop your ranking/ad rank. So you need to make sure your landing page is super fast.

  • The images and pictures shouldn’t be larger than they need to be
  • cache tools helps in fast page loading

Landing page is important for every business. They are the best way to interact with your future customer. However, only an optimized landing page is the one that actually converts a visitor.