Are you a blogger who maintains a daily blog?

Are you a freelance writer who has to write perfect articles?

Or are you a student who has to write all your papers on your laptop?

If you are any of the above, I’m sure there is no need to make you understand the importance of grammar today. There is absolutely no point in writing in English, if you don’t write it correctly. It becomes even more imperative for writers as well as bloggers that publish their work online. When you write something and hope to get it published online, you have to make sure its quality is superior with correct grammar appropriate style.

No room for mistakes

For bloggers and writers, this is the backbone of their work. There is absolutely no room for mistake with improper grammar in your writing as it will be in the microscope of millions of readers. Even Google penalizes sites that have content with lousy grammar. There is absolutely no value of content that is filled with misspellings and grammar mistakes.

Today, when content is given so much importance, you cannot just go on and make such errors. So, what will you do? Its okay, there is no need to take any pressure! It can be a bit to proofread your own work and there are chances that you may skip some errors accidentally.

Online grammar checkers are the key

The checking programs that come collaborated with word processing programs cannot be fully trusted as they are insufficient to catch all types of grammar and spelling mistakes. This is when the online free grammar checker tools come handy and save the day!

Here is a list of top 5 online grammar checker tools that are absolutely free which you can totally make use of to detect and correct your errors.


GrammarLookup is a free online grammar and punctuation checker, it can also check for spelling errors, style issues, and misunderstandings.

There is nothing to download just type or paste text and you’re good to go.

After The Deadline

After the deadline is one of the top-most, feature packed online grammar and spelling checker tool that is created by none other than Automattic, the people who built WordPress, the best blogging platform in the world.

Paper Rater

Paper rater is a free online grammar checker tool for proofreading your work to detect grammar and punctuation mistakes in your writing. It also checks your work for plagiarism. It is especially a great tool for students as it has a grading system.


Spellchecker.net is another free grammar checking tool that helps you to improve your writing by guiding you to avoid common as well as complex English vocabulary errors. It also comes with an online thesaurus for your convenience.


Grammarly is a complete package for checking your writing as it includes proofreading tools as well as plagiarism checking tools. If you use MS Word for your writing then Grammarly has a MS Word add-in that corrects your mistakes while you are writing.


Another great resource for proofreading and editing your articles, blogs and any paper online Grammarcheck.me is the perfect tool to check for any typos or common grammar mistakes in your writing. The best thing about this is it’s absolutely free and you can use it as many times as you want.

It’s always best to proofread your work with a fresh mind and there is no better proofreader than a human mind, but it’s always a great idea to take a second looking. Checking your work with such online grammar tools will make sure your work is full-proof. It won’t hurt in fact; it will improve your chances at achieving rich content for your website and enhance its ranking.




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  4. Hello! When you write something and hope to get it published online, you have to make sure its quality is superior with correct grammar appropriate style.


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