What Is SEO?

Abbreviated as SEO, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION is a process that uses technology and marketing tactics side by side to promote websites online to improve sales and ROI.

In other words it can be described as the way of marketing through internet where the aim is to make websites more suitable for search engines in a manner that search engines will not have a hard time to rank the website.

SEO helps in optimizing a website and “paints it green” for the search engine, so that search engines are attracted towards it and reward in search engine ranking pages.

SEO involves the process to know “what to do” and “what not to do” for your websites so the website will rank higher for the terms people search in the internet. But ironically it is not easy and knowing all the tricks in SEO does not necessarily mean that you will always rank higher.

Search engines changes their algorithms every now and them to offer better and most relevant results for the search terms so the process is absolutely volatile and you need to keep yourself update for the changes.

what is seo

Following the right guidelines as the search engines suggests for SEO helps your website to reach more and more internet users relevant to your website. SEO is not about ranking high or pay for ranking high, but to be relevant for what your visitors search in the internet.

SEO is a never ending process and you have to always tweak your website as per the changes in the algorithm of the search engines that regulates the search results for the queries people search.

Also search engine optimization can’t be evaluated in a stipulated time period, but it needs a lot of time and effort before you see the result. All you need to know how search engine works to accomplish SEO as you plan it.

The Process 

Ranking high in any search engine is a treat – it is the best advertising space in the word for free.

The process for digital marketing is successfully practiced in work place or in a place anywhere with a computer and internet connection. All you have to know the diverse dimensions website architecture and marketing technologies that includes the below but not limited to:

Website Development Related Knowledge.


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Php, Html, css etc
  • Domain management
  • Domain hosting
  • Server management
  • Web site information architecture
  • Web usability
  • Web accessibility


Marketing Techniques:


  • Social media promotion
  • Back link building
  • Keyword research
  • Content and copy writing
  • Data analysis and visitor analytics


And many more……

It takes a lot to rank a website for a search query and 2016 is going to see the tremendous changes in digital marketing. If you want to rank higher in the coming days and strike your competitor, all you will need to focus on USER EXPERIENCE for your website. The old school methods and any manipulation will not work.

Beware of the MANUAL QUALITY RATERS and PANDA algorithm which are looking for the sites to penalize those offering poor user experience to its visitors and publish duplicate or low quality content. While PENGUIN catches those who try to manipulate the search ranking by building unnatural links.

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