Why Readers May Never Visit Your Blog Again?

Visit Your Blog Again

So you think you have an amazing blog? You owe us an explanation then; what makes a blog amazing? Is it the quality of the content, the catchy design or the giveaway offers?

Odds are high that you’d select any particular one of the three factors, stated above. So would many wannabe bloggers like you. But guess what, you are wrong! We’d like to inform you it’s all three of them together that make a blog superior.

Bloggers often stumble to get visitors because they put an isolated aspect of blogging on their focal point. They end up complaining that they aren’t getting enough number of visitors when in reality, it’s their mistake that their blogs fail to pull visitors.

In this article, we’ll talk about the remedies that a blogger needs to apply to make his blog a highly visited one. The first thing he needs to do is to take a break from blogging and ask himself some pivotal questions such as;

  • Am I putting my visitors off?
  • Are my visitors getting everything that they are seeking for from my blog?
  • In which ways could I improve my blog?
  • Being a blogger, what is my first priority?

All shortcomings of your blog fall under four main categories; the visitors are disappointed, they aren’t getting what they should be getting from your blog, your blog requires incisive improvement and you haven’t set your priority.

The following reasons could disappoint visitors to your blog;

Lack of Uniqueness

It’s always a safe bet to rewrite what others have already published. It doesn’t take time and doesn’t involve much thinking. You just need to reword a content that’s already written. Many bloggers put rehashed content to their readers and claim it as unique content. Problem is they don’t know what uniqueness truly stands for.

A truly unique content reflects a truly unique perspective. The author should strike up a discussion with a unique motif. The topic could be generic, the content can still be unique. For example, traffic congestion in the city is the same old area to write on. But if your content explains how the botheration of getting late in office due to slow moving traffic is making employees more punctual than before and how it is saving work hours from getting wasted, the content will stand as a unique one, and readers will feel interested to read it thoroughly.

Their Problems Remain Unsolved

Visitors are coming to your blog because they have certain queries that need to be answered. Not finding solutions to their problems elsewhere is what drives them to visit your blog. If you just blabber a lot and call it a day, your readers will be disappointed. They’d realize you are more interested in getting visitors to your blog than providing visitors with what they are looking for.

Loading Time

Even though it’s a purely technical issue, it’s enough to put off anyone. So check every technical detail of your site. If you find an issue, fix it. If needed hire an on-page expert to improve the loading time of your site.

Bloggers are sometimes unsuccessful because of not being able to set their priorities. Hence you need to decide first why you are blogging. Are you blogging to earn money from ads? Or are you blogging to build a base to promote a product in the future? Not setting your priority means being directionless. Your blog visitors won’t like that, will they?

In case you’ve identified the shortcoming that are affecting your blog, it’s time do away with them so your blog gets a makeover. Since improvement is a positive process, you need to

Fix Errors

Errors can be grammatical or factual, but they can put a question mark after your blog’s reputation. Think about it; you come across a blog that has too many grammatical errors. Won’t the blog leave a negative impression on your mind? It surely will. Factual errors are even more severe. They indicate the author is not familiar with what he is blogging about.

Attractive Formatting

Some blogs have such poor formatting that readers literally hurt their eyes. Readers find attractive formats soothing, horrible formats pisses them off. So don’t use free themes, hire a professional developer (if needed) and get a professional theme.

Always bear in mind there are plenty of other blogs and they have everything to attract readers. To survive the competition, you always need to be ahead of them. Even if that’s not always possible, at least try to be at par with them by improving the quality of your blog. Only then visitors will get a reason to visit the site.

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